Our Mission


Our mission is to empower and educate the elders and the ones who care for them so they can uses all the resources , services , programs and all available agencies ( government , and non-government ) to ensure that this important segment of our community receive the most needed medical, social and legal services .

Our elders should be treated with out most respect and dignity and not to be looked at as an segment that can easily be taken advantage off and used and abused .

We believe that a community must take great care of tier own members inducing the elders . Hzor.com is in process of applying to non-profit organization for the soul purpose of providing resources , advocacy and any other tools that will empower our elders to live in dignity .

The services and benefits that they are entitled to  receive are not a charity that they need to beg for , it is a right that they have earned it  for all their contributions and  sacrifices in building this great  nation that we all are live in .