Medical insurance card mandatory changes (Armenian/Arabic/Persian )

Hi ,

please do pay extra attention to your medical insurance card changes , because that will effect services that you receive MlTTS (including in hope supportive services )

please ready

1- 90 day notice




D-90 days notice-MLTSS-Farsi


2- 60 day notice


B-60 day notice-MLTSS-Armenian


D-60 day notic-MLTSS-farsi


3-30 day notice:


B-30 day notic-MLTSS-Armenain

C-30 day notice-Arabic-MLTSS

D-30day notis -MLTSS-farsi


Some patient are not taking all those letter seriously or are depending on bad advices.

there are official phone number to confirm .

we do realize that all those changes are overwhelming to all of us , however; a tough decision has to be made by you to serve your health needs .


please check our web for in person training by CALDUALS.ORG IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS .