Educational library .

In this section will provide :

1-simplified health/mental diseases information .

2-resources and support group links.

3- Prescribed and over the counter medicines use and over use and abuse .

4-understanding full scope of services provided by your health insurance  .

5-asking your health  and health insurance providers   the right questions .

6-safety at home ( falls , fire and others ) .

7- compliance with medicinal regiments and safety . understanding how to live with unfortunate health/mental issues and  proper use of medicine ( most of us as patient  and health provider have a medicine for any complain without exploring the source of that symptoms or trying other approaches   ) . The myth of magic pill .

8-obtaining and organizing a health record ( lab. report , diagnostic report , medication list , allergies ,surgical histories and others ) . since most health providers do not share the same data base ( unless you receive your services in a such as USC  or kaiser  ) .

9- understanding the aging process and how to deal with that ( mentally and physically ) and understanding an aging parent(s) and how to deal with them without getting over whelmed and using available resources in the community .

10-protecting your self against scams ( financial and medical ). Just because they speak your own  language , have the same faith and pretend that care  it doesn’t mean that they will not use you  .Your health insurance is the most valuable asset in your life , especially as you get old , please do not abused and let other abuse it ( report if you have to ) .