About us

Hzor.com has been created for the soul purpose of providing informative and reliable information to our elders and the people that are involved in the elderly care ( family and health providers )  .

we do realize that all the changes in the health insurances ( Medical and Medicare ) are overwhelming to all us and that why we created this site to help our elders  to make the right informative decision that will impact their lives .

in the past few year , there were no such help to turn to when it came to changes in Medicare part D , and later in 2012 the changes of Medical ( voluntary  if  you had Medicare ) to Health management organization  ( HMO ) .

the patients were left on their own and under the mercy of different health providers that in most cases were manipulating the patients toward the choices that served their financial  interests disregarding what was best for the patient.

Now the whole Medical and Medicare insurances are in mandatory changes and you as a patient or caring for an elder parent(s) have to do your home work to find out what will serve the patient’s  needs the most .

the right information from the source( Medical , Medicare , Department of health services and others )  will  be provided along with simplified time line from our agency  , so everyone make the right choice for them .

also in later time we will provide to our elders all the programs and resources  that are available to enhance the quality of the there lives  and find the help that they need ( legal or medical ) and other tools to put them in charge of their own health .

we will publish  our contents in English , Armenian , Arabic and any other languages that our community requires .

we are in the initial step of our Mission : to provide the correct and up to date information and services that will have a positive impacts in the live of the elders and people who love and care for them  .