HMS.COM will work hard to secure  strong stable finance   to develop full program from basic web based services to full program that will include :

1-Main location and staffs ( paid and volunteers )  to help intimidate inquiry of elders on daily base    .

2-social service program .

3- advocacy and community outreach .

4-case management .

5-Help line  in case of Emergencies .

6-Teaching ( health and others ) program .

7-Diet counselling and food program .

8-referral services .

8-other programs as needed .

our sources of income will be the combination of :

1-Individuals and  business donations.

2-local , state and federal grants .

HMS.COM will be registered with few agencies that monitor and rate non-profit corporations and will publish annually a complete financial statement conducted by a certified public accountant  to ensure transparency of the organization and the proper use of donated funds according to HMS.COM by-laws , regulation and the mission .

we will inform our community once we completed state and federal process to be a fully approved non-profit organization with tax deductible classification ( 501(3)( c)

**** any volunteer  legal professional help is welcomed to complete the non-profit process with minimum expense . As usual our principal to decrease our administrative fees to lowest level possible without compromising the integrity of our organization , so we can have more funds to serve our community .